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The Push CMC stabilizes the basic joint of the thumb and positions the thumb in a functional position. Symptoms such as pain and loss of strength are limited.
The Push med Wrist Brace provides a high level of support and protection to the wrist joint without restricting hand function.
The Push Med Elbow Brace provides for infinitely adjustable extension limitation of the elbow joint. This prevents tracing.
• Impingement by overstretching (capsular )
• Persistent complaints after elbow dislocations and / or fracture...
The Push med ankle brace provides support to the ankle joint and longer time used for a wide range of cases and conditions . The brace is based on the principles of the functional tape bandage.
Indications include:
• Moderate ( residual) instabilit...
The Push Med Knee Brace provides substantial support for the knee joint laterally .
• Osteoarthritis with swelling
• rheumatoid arthritis
• Functional instability after ligament injury
• residual instability after ligament injury
• ...
The PSB Ankle brace 8 is suitable for athletes with an increased tendency to sprain ( instability) or mild pain. Also suitable for athletes who need additional support for the ankle during sports activities.
€34,95 €24,95
The Push med Patella Brace applies local pressure to the patellar tendon and supports the patella.
• Patellofemoral pain syndrome
• Tendinitis of the patellar tendon
• Apexitis patellar (jumper's knee)
• Osgood Schlatter
• Subluxa...
The Push care Neck Brace provides support for the vertebral column through its anatomical shape and semi-rigid foam .
• treatment of whiplash
• Acute neck injuries
• Minor cervical arthrosis
The Push Sports Ankle Brace 8 provides support with a slight or almost recovered ankle sprain. The ultrathin ankle brace stabilizes the ankle with the elastic band wrapped around the ankle in the shape of an 8 and provides firm, comfortable compression.
A PSB Armbrace is used in case of overload of complaints of the forearm muscles that lead to irritation around the attachment of these muscles , also known as the tennis or golfer's .
The pelotte in the Push Sports Patella Brace exerts pressure on the knees and effectively supports the kneecap. This reduces pain complaints around the kneecap. One size.
A PSB patella brace is suitable for strain complaints around the kneecap. Especially for sports like running (runners knee) and / or jumping (jumpers knee).
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